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Music for orchestras, bands, and ensembles - specially arranged for the instruments that you have available

Do you have an orchestra, band or other ensemble, but find that you have an odd combination of instruments and playing standards?

Music By Arrangement was formed in 1998 in order to provide a unique service for schools and local area music centres. Our regularly updated catalogue includes original pieces, folk tunes and popular classics. You simply select the pieces of music that you wish to play, and tell us the instruments and standards available. We then provide a customised arrangement, at the correct level for your players.

A full backup and after-sales service is provided, including revisions and new parts.

We also supply a range of ready printed sheet music for very easy ensembles in standard instrumental combinations, and a selection of ready printed music for advanced string quartet and chamber ensemble.

If you have not ordered from us before (or maybe not for a while), we recommend that you read the Help Page to familarise yourself with the ordering process, and find out the answers to many other questions that you may have.

Music Sale: We have a regularly updated clearance section with ex-display copies, etc, at reduced prices. New items added 21/6/14 - click here for details!.
There are also some Christmas Sale Items which can be found here.
We often have a number of used orchestral sets from other publishers available for sale, please see this page for details.

Information about workbooks for GCSE Music Composition is available here.

" What a fantastic service! The orchestra performed Junior Jazz and Chloe's Calypso in assembly last week and it went down very well. For a school which had no orchestra or choir prior to this, it seems like a little miracle! Your arrangements are so approachable and we find we can get one piece under our belt over one rehearsal so everyone feels good! "
K Doley

" Thanks so much for Mystery Mansion and Junior Jazz which arrived today. They are just brilliant!! I have never before had such an inspiring orchestra practice as I had this Tuesday! Three of my guitarists thought that it would sound even better on electric guitars and asked if they could bring in their electric guitars next week. I'm not used to such enthusiasm. Thank you for providing such approachable and inspiring music, and so affordable!! I'd love to buy more straight away. "
Mrs J Dean,
The Firs Junior School

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Music for Orchestras, Bands & Ensembles

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